Academic Policy & Governance (APG) is a unit formed from the former Senate and Academic Collaboration Offices. (See APG Welcome page for further information.)

Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body Accreditation

Accreditation is the process whereby a professional association or non-governmental agency gives recognition to a school or institution for its demonstrated ability to meet predetermined criteria for established Professional, Statutory or Regulatory standards. The academic content and other aspects of taught programmes can often be influenced by the requirements of accrediting bodies and professional associations.

Benefits of Accreditation

Accreditation provides potential benefits for students, e.g.:

  • Recognised fast-track route for graduates seeking professional status
  • Exemption from certain professional examinations

Other benefits of accreditation:

  • It provides a further way of assuring and enhancing the quality of teaching and learning provision in Subjects
  • Accreditation reports inform Annual Monitoring and Periodic Subject Review

How to Record Accreditation

The University currently delivers over 350 programmes which are accredited by a range of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs).

Should you require confirmation of an accredited programme please contact Academic Policy & Governance (

Programme accreditation is recorded in MyCampus. The information held is reviewed periodically and Schools are invited to check and update the entries for their area.

It is the responsibility of Schools to report newly accredited programmes to Academic Policy & Governance.

Formal reports and/or letters confirming accreditation, and any associated action plan should be routinely copied to Academic Policy & Governance ( by the named contact.

To report a programme accreditation complete the form below:

Public Information

Accreditation information is published in the Key Information Set to potential students and is recorded on students Higher Education Achievement Report (transcript).

The School Quality & Enhancement Officer liaises with named contacts who have responsibility for the accreditation of the School’s programmes to ensure that accreditation outcomes are routinely reported to the College Learning & Teaching Committee and action taken as necessary.

The Academic Standards Committee (ASC) receives an annual update on the outcomes of accreditation to maintain an overview of key issues relating to approved programmes and to note any good practice that has been highlighted. ASC may consult the full accreditation reports as necessary.