Spotlight service alerts

Internet services downtime

Last updated: Mon Jul 22 15:09

To enable essential upgrades as part of the Network Program, there will be at-risk periods between 23rd-26th July 2024 and during this time access to the internet will be unavailable for 15-minute periods


At risk period


23 July

20:00 to 00:00

20:30 to 20:45

24 July

20:00 to 00:00

20:30 to 20:45

25/26th July

22:00 to 02:00


22:30 to 22:45
01:30 to 01:45

The expectation is that all services will resume after 15 minutes but your patience is appreciated.

Security advice

Last updated: Wed Mar 6 9:11

IMPORTANT! The Internet is awash with bogus emails containing viruses, malicious code or attempts to 'phish' your details by requesting you to 'revalidate' your account and appearing to come from the University, Student Loans Company, businesses, banks, and other carriers, friends, colleagues and other staff and students in the University etc.
Please treat All unsolicited email with suspicion, even if the sender appears to be an organisation or person that you think you can trust. If you are in any doubt whether opening something is safe, contact the IT Helpdesk.
The University will NEVER ask you for your details via e-mail

Please also be aware that scammers can call you on the phone pretending to be some form of support service like the IT Helpdesk, Microsoft or other company. If you are in any doubt of the identity of a caller please contact the Helpdesk directly yourself.