One Health

Goats grazing on train tracks

Glasgow is an international leader in One Health research. 

Humans can become ill from diseases transmitted by animals, animal disease can have significant impacts on food security, and the health of the environment is critical to clean air and water. One Health recognizes that the health of humans, animals and the environment are inter-connected and by understanding the integration of these elements, we can tackle pressing global challenges. 

Interdisciplinary research is critical to the success of the One Health approach. By working across disciplinary boundaries, our teams gain insights into fundamental disease processes and the factors that influence the success of control measures. The One Health approach recognizes that a vaccine for a devastating livestock disease is only useful if people understand its usefulness, feel comfortable administering it to their animals and can afford the cost of doing so.

At Glasgow, researchers from human and veterinary clinical medicine are closely integrated with life scientists, and interface with social and physical scientists to deliver world-changing research. We work across the Global South with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa.

Our collaborations have made a significant impact on key national, global health and veterinary agendas. The scope and scale of our work in this area is reflected in One Health being one of the University of Glasgow's six Research Beacons.