Year 1:

  • Website/marketing materials to increase visibility and profile of UoG as a leader in this field
  • Development of branding that network members can use external presentations
  • LIFE:TIME Network away day
  • LIFE:TIME Research Symposium
  • LIFE:TIME Seminar Series  
  • Development of pilot studies (including some using SMART campus tech) to facilitate submission of larger external grants
  • Application for LKAS interdisciplinary PhD studentship(s) (+ others) - ongoing annually

Year 2 and beyond:

  • Building on pilot work and PhD students we will submit 2 applications/ tenders for 2 grants/ contract worth >£500K by end 2019 and each year thereafter
  • Publication of joint papers arising from the work of the network (ongoing)



  • Increased visibility of the lifestyle network at the University of Glasgow and recognition of Glasgow’s leadership in this area.
  • Increased funding portfolio in this area including large multi-funder schemes such as National Prevention Research Initiative, cross-disciplinary funding such as joint EPSRC-MRC, funded contracts to conduct research for external partners such as British Cycling, funding from external partners to work collaboratively developing interventions, with evaluation funding from sources such as NIHR Public Health Research.
  • Development of potential impact cases - these will be realised by the clear pipeline from mechanisms to intervention development, trials, working closely with policy makers, and evaluating implemented interventions in collaboration with them.