Dynamic Earth & Planetary Evolution

We aim to advance fundamental, quantitative understanding of critical geological phenomena on Earth and across the Solar System to solve scientific, engineering, and societal challenges. Our combination of observational, experimental, and modelling expertise enables us to answer key questions including: a) How do deep Earth and crustal processes interact with surface processes to shape continental-scale topography? b) How does the reactive transport of magma and other fluids through the crust form resources? c) How do geological processes control the crustal-scale distribution and localization of natural hazards? d) How do planets form, differentiate, and evolve, and what determines their habitability? We take a cross-disciplinary approach, using a world-class analytical toolkit, custom-built computational models, and advanced field techniques including remote sensing. Life's Interactions with Dynamic Environments and Global Landscapes & Climate Change themes, as well as, our links with SUERC and the School for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Keywords: thermochronology, tectonics, basin fill, volcanic and magmatic processes, sedimentary deposits, planetary differentiation & evolution, planetary volatiles & habitability, Mars, asteroids, faults, fractures, fluids, microanalysis, computational analysis


Theme members

Postdoctoral Research Assistants

PhD Students

Fakhri Bingtang  Numerical modelling of melting and magmatic differentiation in planetesimals
Evangelos Christou   Martian Fluid Compositions: The Habitability of Ancient Aqueous Environments on Mars 
Jòse Del Angel Lozano A Comparison of Passive Atmospheric CO2 Capture with Steel Slags in Mexico and the UK
Cameron Floyd  Space weathering of carbonaceous asteroids 
Sammy Griffin    Understanding the nakhlite source volcano on Mars 
Robin Haller   Testing the possibility of a common parent body for CM chondrites and carbonaceous asteroids 
Marli de Jongh Weathering of clay roich Scottish building stones 
Jenna Kirk  Exploring the social, historical and environmental legacies of steel slag 
Faisal Khudhur  Determining processes of CO2 capture with steel slags 
Laura Jenkins Post-Hydration Heating in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Pierre-Etienne Martin Delivery of water to early Earth by carbonaceous chondrite meterorites
Patrick McMaster  Where Do Whale Skeletons Come From?
Gary Mullen  
Aine O'Brien Evidence for recent water on Mars from the shergottite meteorites
Velveth Perez Volcano dynamics modelling and hazard assessment at Torfajökull volcanic centre
Mmapiula Phesodi The cratonic mantle beneath Botswana using kimberlite xenocrystic records as lithospheric probes
Savanna van Mesdag Anthropogenic biodiversity and geodiversity – can legacy industrial waste help offset falling global biodiversity? 
Kang Xie Speleorhems in Scottish Sea Caves


MSc by Research Students

Faye Davies  
Jodie Douglas  
Andrew Hattie  
Reina Hiramatsu  
Hayley Lowe Ureilite meteorites and the unknown protoplanet
Euan McIntosh  
Ryan Mooney  
Liza Riches  
Lewis Sym Mars Sample Return and Mars Habitability
Adam Visick  


Current research opportunities

PhD and MSc by research