Lev Shestov Studies Society

The official Lev Shestov website, under the aegis of the Lev Shestov Studies Society and the Shestov Journal.

Le site officiel Léon Chestov, sous l'égide de la Société d'Études Léon Chestov et des Cahiers Chestov. En savoir plus ...

This year, the Lev Shestov Studies Society celebrates its 20th anniversary. Set up in 1996, with the aim of providing a forum for debate among readers, academic and non-academic researchers and writers interested in Shestov's work, the Society brings out a annual publication, organises conferences and joint events with academic and editorial partner associations. The Society also benefits from its own Archival and Resource Centre which includes a wide range of textual and iconographic documents.

  • Director: Ramona Fotiade
  • Copyright Holder: Catherine Scob
  • Secretary: Olivier Salazar-Ferrer
  • Research Assistants: Marina Ogden, Alexis Nahan
  • Honorary Members: Yves Bonnefoy, Alexis Philonenko, André Désilets


Readers and researchers interested in consulting the archives, or developing a research project in association with the Shestov Society, are invited to access the Ongoing Projects page and to contact us, with a description of their proposed research. See below for links to: