Women's Writing on the Fringes of Europe.

Travelling Texts, 1790-1914: The Transnational Reception of Women's Writing at the Fringes of Europe (Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain)

This HERA-funded project explores cultural encounters through reading and writing that crossed and often transcended borders of different kinds (nation, gender, class, religion) by finding out and comparing which texts written by women circulated in our five fringe countries during the long nineteenth-century, who read them and what readers thought about them. The project centres on a Virtual Research Environment that will provide advanced technology for statistical analysis, charting and visualisation. Our international team works together with Chawton House Library (UK) and Turku City Library (Finland); the final conference will be held on 9-11 June 2016 at Glasgow Women's Library.

Project website: http://travellingtexts.huygens.knaw.nl/