Centre for Stroke and Brain Imaging

Stroke remains a national and international priority for research due to its prevalence and increasing societal burden.  This disease has both cardiovascular and neurological components and the Centre for Stroke Research (CSR) brings together basic and clinical scientists from the Institutes of Neuroscience & Psychology (INP) and Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences (ICAMS) to deliver a comprehensive translational research programme. Their complementary expertise covers in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical research, acute diagnostic imaging through to major clinical trials in acute care and regenerative therapy. The multiple interactions between clinical and basic scientists  fosters a  bench-to-bedside-to-bench approach to stroke research  focussing on  mechanistic approaches, diagnostic imaging development, elucidation of pathogenesis, novel treatment development and clinical evaluation.

Strengths and key areas of expertise:

  • Clinical trial design & management
  • Advanced brain imaging (pre-clinical & clinical)
  • Stroke care and rehabilitation
  • Experimental stroke research
  • Generation of viral gene transfer vectors
  • Synthesis of individual patient data from clinical trials to address novel questions
  • Clinical application of neural stem cells

Experimental stroke and pre-clinical MRI-based research  (Macrae, Dewar, McCabe, Holmes, DeucharWork

Acute stroke, prevention, trial design and translational medicine (Lees, Walters, Dawson , Muir)

Stroke care and rehabilitation (Langhorne, Stott and Quinn)

Imaging and translational research (Muir, Dani)